Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research The Journal of Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research is a broad-based journal found on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting original research articles, case-reports, Reviews, short communications, rapid communications, letter to the editor on Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research, Second to provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing of articles for research, teaching and reference purposes. Journal of Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research Volume 12, Issue 2 CT Assessment of accuracy of lumbar pedicle screw insertion An applied comparative evaluation of conventionaland percutaneous techniques MOHAMED MOHI ELDIN, AHMED SALAH ALDIN HASSAN, AHMED HEGAZY, MOHAMED ADEL GHONEIM, MOHAMED MOSAAD ALFIKY Floating hip A case report IL YONG HAN, GYU MIN KONG Total joint replacements in hip and knee ankylosed in gross flexion A case report SUMIT ANAND, NISHIKANT KUMAR, YADAV CS, JOHN MUKHOPADHAYA, MANOJ GUPTA Submuscular locked plate for fixation of pediatric fracture femur using cluster technique MOHAMED KHALED, KAMAL ELGAFARY, HATEM BAKR, MAHMOUD BADRAN New trends for diagnosis and treatment of infected total knee arthroplasty MANFREDA F, ANTINOLFI P, PETRUCCELLI R, PALMIERI D, TEODORI J, RICCHIUTO I, RINONAPOLI G and CARAFFA A Sliding soleus flap A useful flap in primary management of compound wounds of leg CHETAN SATISH Examination of ancient Egyptian mummy with foot deformity from the new kingdom period MOUSHIRA ERFAN ZAKI, FATMA ABDALLAH ABD EL-FATTAH AND MOUSTAFA ATTIA MOHIE The role of secondary ossification centers in the management of epiphyseal and apophyseal fractures COLIN MACLEAN, DEBRA BARTLEY, TIMOTHY CAREY, MEGAN CASHIN AND WALEED KISHTA Dysfunctional sacroiliac joint pain following lumbar discectomylaminectomy Mohamed Mohi Eldin Results of orthopedic surgery in nonambulatory adolescents with cerebral palsy complicated by hip dislocation DMITRY POPKOV, ELIZAVETA GUBINA AND RAMIL BIDIAMSHIN Treating posttraumatic lower extremity end neuroma formation A novelty approach EDGARDO RODRIGUEZ-COLLAZO, EDMOND MEDINA, ANDRES MAYMI AND HAMID A KHAN An algorithmic approach towards the orthoplastic management of osseous and soft tissue defects in posttraumatic distal tibial fractures Dr. EDGARDO RODRIGUEZ-COLLAZO, Dr. ARSHAD A KHAN AND HAMID A KHAN Efficacy of single dose versus multiple dose injectable antibiotics in hip joint surgery NISHIT BHATNAGAR, SUMIT SURAL, SUMIT ARORA, PURUSHOTHAM LINGAIAH AND ANIL DHAL Outcome and challenges of management of limb length discrepancy using linear rail system SALAWU ON, BABALOLA OM, MEJABI JO, AHMED BA, IBRAHEEM GH AND FADIMU AA Fluoroscopic guided close reduction and percutaneous kwire fixation of paediatric proximal humeral fractures SHAMIM AHMAD BHAT, KHURSHID KANGOO, ASIF BABA AND ADNAN ZAHOORI