Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research The Journal of Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research is a broad-based journal found on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting original research articles, case-reports, Reviews, short communications, rapid communications, letter to the editor on Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research, Second to provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing of articles for research, teaching and reference purposes. Journal of Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research Volume 13, Issue 1 The Use of orthoplastic techniques for the treatment of lower extremity osteomyelitis and its response to inflammatory markers employing transitional muscle flaps COLEMAN CLOUGHERTY, EDGARDO R RODRIGUEZ-COLLAZO, GRACE C. CRAIG, KARTICK PATEL, AND ASHLEY M MANDELA Maximum surgical blood ordering schedule for common orthopedic surgical procedures in a tertiary hospital in North Central Nigeria MAJEED BABAJIDE ADEGBOYE AND DOTUN MUSILIU KADIR Orthoplastic consideration during distal tibia deformity and limb lengthening utilizing truelok hexapod circular external fixator EDGARDO RODRIGUEZ-COLLAZO, STEPHEN FRANIA AND JEREMY HYRCZYK Intracapsular hip fractures in the young adult patient Early vs late intervention PHILIP ROSINSKY, DANIELLE ELMALIACHE, EYAL HENDLER, SHAUL SAGIV AND TAVOR HOVAV Evaluation of long term results of submuscular plating in paediatric femoral shaft fractures A 10year study TOWSEEF AHMAD BHAT, TARIQ AHMAD BHAT, KHALID MUZAFFER AND MOHAMMAD HASEEB Ultrasound scanning as a screening method for extremity fractures in adult trauma patients in Emergency Department A diagnostic study SHERVIN FARAHMAND, ABDOULAH ARSHADI, SHAHRAM BAGHERI-HARIRI, SHAHRIAR SHAHRIARIAN, MONA ARBAB AND MOJTABA SEDAGHAT Targeting the bone in the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome In depth The truth MASSIMO VARENNA AND CHIARA CROTTI Is joint manipulation an effective treatment approach for patients with chronic Achilles tendinopathy STASINOPOULOS DIMITRIOS Rate of correction of angular deformities of the knee in skeletally immature patients by Eightplate temporary hemiepiphysiodesis MOHAMED KHALED, NARIMAN ABOL OYOUN, MOHAMED RAGAB, AND ABDELKHALEK HAFEZ A crosssectional study of risk factors associated with back pain among administrative female employees in Riyadh Saudi Arabia LUJAIN SULAYEM, ZENAT KHIRED, MASHAEL H. ALJUWAYED AND NAHLAH M. ALRAJHI Ankle fusion in Charcot neuroarthropathy by narrow dynamic compression plate through anterior approach ESSAM EL-SHERIEF, HOSSAM ABUBEIH, MOHAMMED KHALED HASSAN AND GALAL Z. SAID Comparative study of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction versus conservative treatment among nonathletes A 10years followup SATISH KUMAR, KAUSHALENDRA SINGH AND GAGGAN CHADHA Major limbsparing treatment results following foot and ankle infection in patients with and without diabetes mellitus CHAYANIN ANGTHONG, RADA PHATANAKITJUMROON AND PETAI SOPASILAPA