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Arthroplasty 2019

June 24-25, 2019

Volume 14

Journal of Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research


June 24-25, 2019 | Rome, Italy



International Conference on

Attune total knee arthroplasty: Is there evidence of early tibial component de-bonding ?

Aprospective cohort study

Thomas Robinson

Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK


ew TKAdesigns are introduced to optimise patient outcomes as well as improve implant longevity. One such implant

is the Attune TKA. Concerns have been raised regarding a potentially high rate of early de-bonding of the tibial

component at the implant–cement interface. Our study aimed to prospectively assess clinical outcomes and radiographs

of a consecutive series of patients who have undergone either Attune TKA or another modern design TKA for end-stage

OA to establish early failure rates and compare radiological abnormalities. 96 Attune TKA performed by three surgeons at

our local centre were matched to 96 control TKA (PFC/Vanguard) performed between 2015 and 2017. Radiographs were

taken on day one and one year post surgery and analysed by two independent, blinded assessors using the Knee Society

Roentgenographic Scoring System. One year clinical outcome was assessed using the Oxford Knee Score and survival of

the implant recorded. No patients in either group underwent revision surgery. No cases of significant radiolucency (≥ 2mm)

at either the cement-bone or implant-cement interfaces were encountered in either group. The incidence of radiolucencies

(<2mm) across both interfaces was similar between the two groups. Radiolucencies <2mm at either interface in either

group did not affect clinical outcome. No clinically relevant radiographic adverse features were noticed in this prospective

cohort study comparing a consecutive series of Attune TKA with a matched group of established, modern TKA designs.

Follow up is short and longer follow up is needed to confirm these preliminary findings.


Attune TKA, early aseptic loosening, tibial de-bonding, radiolucency.


Thomas robinson is an orthopaedic trainee in the yorkshire deanery in the united kingdom. He studied as the faculty prize scholar at

norwich medical school graduating in 2011 with the british pharmaceutical industry award for undergraduate research. He progressed

on to orthopaedic training in the yorkshire deanery where he is now currently in his 4th year. He has a keen interest in lower limb

arthroplasty, its evolution as well as the monitoring and evaluation of new and novel prostheses.

Thomas robinson, J.Orthop.Trauma Surg.Relat.Res. | Volume 14