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A Comparative Analysis of the Pathomechanism Underlying Osteoporosis versus IdiopathicScoliosis Based upon the Assay of Estradiol and Parathormone Concentrations in Girls within the 11-14 years range


Introduction: The reduction of follicular hormones concentration as it appears in menopause leads to a considerable abnormalities in the calcium-phosphate economy as well as to halosteresis. The most rapid progress of idiopathic scoliosis occurs prior to as well as immediately after menarche, whereupon the “hormonal play” shows changes that manifest themselves through different follicular hormones levels. In both cases follicular hormone release disturbances affect the calcium-phosphate economy. Materials and method: The study encompassed 109 girls, 50 of whom had idiopathic scoliosis (group A) aged 11-14 years and 59 of whom were healthy controls (33-group B1 as well as 26- groupB2) within the same age range. The size of the curve upon examination amounted to the Mean Value of 310±110 (min.=100, max.=600) as established on the basis of Cobb method. Within the group of scoliotic girls 26 had not had menarche, while 24 had already undergone menarche. Within the group of healthy girls 19 had not had menarche, while 40 had already undergone menarche. Results: The result analysis indicates that estradiol level in healthy girls (groups B1 and B2) is markedly higher as opposed to scoliotic girls (group A) regardless of whether they are pre- or postmenarchal. The statistical tests performed pointed to statistically significant discrepancies between healthy and scoliotic girls, be they pre- or postmenarchal. Likewise, PTH concentration proved pronouncedly higher in healthy in contrast with scoliotic girls. The analyses conducted manifested statistically significant discrepancies between healthy and scoliotic girls. In all examined groups calcium level was within norm. The calcium ions concentration assay manifested no statistically significant discrepancies between healthy and scoliotic girls, whether pre- or postmenarchal. Conclusions: Drawing on the data obtained, it was stated that in girls with diagnosed idiopathic scoliosis there occurs a decreased level of estradiol in comparison to their healthy peers of the same sex. Similar conclusions were reached as regards parathormone. The detected hormone release disturbances are an upshot of a metabolic system resembling that of postmenopausal women who experience an active destruction of the osseous tissue.

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