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Assessment of the occurrence of anxiety and depression among disabled athletes after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Ryszard Plinta, Joanna Sobiecka, Agnieszka Drosdzol-Cop, Andrzej Knapik, Violetta Skrzypulec-Plinta

Introduction. Physical activity and sport could improve functioning of the people with spinal cord injuries (SCI). Loss and limitations of many functions are the causes of problems that could lead to adverse mental states including anxiety and depression. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of symptoms of anxiety and depression among disabled athletes with spinal cord injury, representing Poland at major sporting events. Material and methods. The study population were 65 men and women with spinal cord injury aged between 18 and 59. The study group consisted of 33 persons (5 women and 28 men) - disabled athletes after spinal cord injury, using wheelchairs. The control group consisted of 32 persons (7 women and 25 men) with the same disease and similar age that have not practiced any sport. Research tool was two parts questionnaire. The first consisted of demographic data, socio-economic status, lifestyle, physical activity, general health, presence of comorbidities and type of disability. The second part was a validated, open for general use inventory - Polish version of Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), evaluating the incidence and severity of symptoms of anxiety and depression. Results. Statistical analysis showed a significant difference in the results of HADS-D subscale between study and control groups. Positive impact of regular physical activity on HADS-D results was noted - fewer symptoms of depression. No similar difference in the results of subscale HADS-L was found. Spearman’s rank test confirmed a significant positive correlation between the result of HADSD subscale and age of subjects with spinal cord injury (higher scores achieved the elderly) (p = 0.03). There was no statistically significant correlation between age and HADS-L subscale in the study population. Conclusions. There are positive effects of exercise and regular physical activity on mental health parameters in people with spinal cord injury. Factors that increase the occurrence of depression and anxiety in the population are age and lower education level.

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