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Journal of Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research

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Journal of Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery and Related Research is an international peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform for the publication all aspects of Orthopaedics Trauma Surgery. Its scope embraces various disciplines of Bone research, Tumours of bone , Arthritis surgery, Rheumatoid arthritis, Musculoskeletal system, Musculoskeletal oncology, Bone surgery, Osteocartilaginous exostoses , Osteonecrosis,Orthodontics & Endodontics, Malignantosteoid, Multilobular tumour of bone, Chondrosarcoma, Chordoma, Enchondroma, Bone cancer Osteosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, Primary bone tumors, Osseous and chondromatous neoplasia, , Bone tumors, Aneurysmal bone cyst, Giant cell tumor of bone, Cryosurgery, Osteoma, It is basically aimed at the Clinical Practitioners, medical/health practitioners, students, professionals and researchers and professional bodies and institutions.


Research work can be categorized into two major types: clinical and academic research. Clinical research refers to studies that are funded or undertaken by pharmaceutical companies or the industry, either directly or indirectly. Academic research refers to studies conducted by surgeons and clinicians in universities, institutes, or on an individual basis. Academic research and publication are the primary sources of medical subject enrichment. This is especially true in surgical fields like orthopaedics, where industry-sponsored research may be skewed toward their own products. These academic research papers that are published in peer-reviewed journals are accessed by researchers and scholars across the globe which helps them in their work. This knowledge base is always changing, with new material supplementing or replacing old notions and principles. This necessitates the continuous addition of fresh academic studies to the literature, as well as the funding and conduct of such research. We find cases of osteomyelitis, TB, delayed fracture presentations, and revision cases that are rarely seen in the western world. The best way for us to publish the data and make it available for systematic reviews, as well as to develop our own body of literature that will provide applicable guidance for our specific difficulties [1]. The authors should be aware that research should be focused on the requirements of patients, and the basic research methodology principles must be followed. Every publication should be of high clinical quality and adhere to ethical guidelines. When it comes to decision-making in orthopaedics, most domains have shades of grey. The various choices range from conservative to surgical approaches, but each has its own set of criteria and contraindications. Orthopaedic research’s fundamental goal is to define and refine these indications, contraindications, benefits, drawbacks, limitations, and problems of various therapeutic choices. This will only be possible if we can collect and aggregate data, evaluate it scientifically, peer review it, and publish it. It is necessary to maintain a high quality of ethics and publication, but this is easier said than done. Although this may not be true for the majority of published articles, many articles today are published solely for the sake of being published. Numerous studies were badly done and publications that were poorly written that have been published.

Plagiarism is a unique problem that requires greater knowledge and understanding among authors. This resulted in an increase in unethical behaviours and the publication of low-quality publications, as well as the emergence of predatory journals that promised speedy publication in exchange for a fee. Peer review scams, duplicate publications, salami slicing, and ghost authorships have all become more prevalent in recent years. The remedy to these problems is the immediate transmission of knowledge about the negative consequences of such malpractices, as well as teaching about proper and ethical behaviours. The dissemination of accurate information will be aided by reviews and articles based on study technique and publications. There are additional opportunities appearing as a result of changes in academic bodies’ policies, which are increasingly granting research and publication aid. Academic research in industrialised countries is carried out in collaboration with three entities: universities, government agencies, and private companies. Journal of Orthopaedics Trauma surgery & related research’ (JOTSRR) is also a significant step toward instilling the habit of reading and publishing in postgraduate students and trainees. JOTSRR’s reach will be unparalleled, and it will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the research and publication landscape. The future of orthopaedic research and publication appears bright, but there is a clear need for increased awareness and education, as well as outlets for publishing and presenting findings. We must remain vigilant against malpractices and strive to maintain high ethical standards in our research and publishing.


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